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Online Gradebook Software for 2010

It is now almost the year 2010 and online gradebook software is here and making its presence known in the education world. There are a variety of companies out there that are offering free web based online gradebooks as well as a large number of companies that offer a subscription based online gradebook software package.

The online electronic gradebook or what could be called the online gradebook, web based gradebook gradebook software is one of the latest tools that are now available to educators. Educators now have the ability to document student academic performance electronically and allow for teachers and students to stay connected. Teachers now have access to their data 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Teachers have the freedom to work from home or from their favorite coffee shop. Many .com companies are providing completely web base free online gradebooks which only require internet access. Teachers also have the ability to attach assignments to the class calendar for parents and teachers to stay side by side of what work needs to be accomplished for each class. Online attendance is a great feature which will alert parents to when their kids miss school. Internal email for communications between students, parents and educators is a core feature of the online gradebook software package. The days of paper based grading systems are a thing of the past. Here are some features your online gradebook software package should have:

Online Gradebook Software Features
Create Multiple Assignment categories
Create Custom Grading
Various Configurations to Customize your Gradebook
Email Teacher/Students/Parents bidirectional
Manage Students in your Class
Manage Students in your Gradebook
View Report Card for student for all classes
Create unlimited Assignments
One Student/Parent login for Multiple Teachers
Archive Classes
One student login for multiple teachers
Change username and password

Export all reports to Excel
Cumulative Grade Reports
Student Report Cards
Class Ranking Reports
Assignment Report categories
Assignment Listing Report
Calendar Listing Report
Scoring sheets
Student/Parent password detail reports

Take Class Attendance, Present, Absent, Excused or Tardy
Excuse students from attendance
Monthly Attendance Report
Daily Attendance Report

Create assignments from calendar view
Attach documents to assignments placed on the calendar
Switch calendar views with one click
Access assignments directly from calendar
Student/Parent Portal
Track academic progress
View calendar and download attachments
Review attendance
Review current grades for multiple classes
Create rules to notify of attendance or assignment status
Rules for Email/Text notification Students & Parents

Online Gradebook Software Additional Features
Create Assignments & Attach to Calendar or Print
Create Online assignments for students to take
Grade assignments online
Grades are filed in Gradebook automatically
Grades are filed in Gradebook automatically
Students/Parents can print their answers from student portal
Professor's Blog
Create Blogs for Students to discuss assignments
Require class participation through the Blog
Grade Blog participation
Import Students from Excel Spreadsheet
Document Management
Create folders and store documents in your portal
Attach Documents to Calendar such as lecture notes
Smart Seating Chart
Seating Chart shows current grade & attendance
Plot grades on multiple graphs
Plot Line and Bar graphs
Plot bell shaped curves for classes
Drop the Lowest grade by category
Excuse Students from various assignments
Teachers Journal
Create daily notes for students
Print student note reports for parent teacher conferences
Input daily teacher journal notes
Print teachers Journal Report
Build templates to create classes
Create classes quickly by using other classes as templates

Online gradebook software is revolutionizing the way we deliver education and is holding students and parents more accountable. Accountability can be sometimes overlooked and online gradebooks are providing a solution. Make sure the online gradebook software application you choose is secure, spam free and provide you with the necessary information you need to stay more tuned in with your child's academic progress. Let your school administrators know that this technology is out there and have them implement an electronic online gradebook throughout the entire school and school district.
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